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Here we can roleplay with other or upload our own stories
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PostSubject: Rules   Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:58 pm

General Rules
• Please don’t post any shocking images and/or use shocking words (this includes a character’s name as well!).
• No bullying or threatening other users.
• If you’re writing so called ‘mature rated’ content, please make it known for other users and place an [M+] in the thread title.
• Listen to and have respect for each other.
• No spam and/or double posts in a thread please.
• You’re allowed to have multiple accounts.
• Post with the right account in the right thread. This will avoid confusion.
• Your avatar is 150 x 200 pixels and your signature is 500 x 300 pixels at max.

RPG Rules
• You can only play one character on your account.
• Your characters name will be your login name!
• You’re not allowed to write for someone else’s character. They make their own decisions.
• Your so called ‘faceclaim’ can be anything, as long as it represents your character.
• You can roleplay without having posted a character sheet, but it is highly recommended to make one.
• Your character can be in only one world at a time. They can switch worlds if you’d like, but please keep it realistic.
• Your character is not invincible. Nobody is. So if they end up in a fight in whatever way possible, please keep it realistic.
• When your character is inside a world, you follow that world’s rules. For example: You’re in the Pokémon world, so your character doesn’t suddenly have a Digimon.
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