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 World List

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PostSubject: World List    Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:34 pm

List of worlds
Pokémon || Wanna be the very best there ever was? Here you can roleplay as a Pokémon Trainer, Coördinator or Breeder. Is that too boring? Well, fear not. Pokémon Rangers and the Team Rocket organization also exist and still need new recruits to fight against each other. Who will win or lose? That’s completely up to you. If you still think that’s too boring, then just be a Pokémon! Either form an exploration team or just end up as some rogue Pokémon who lives day by day and has their own goals. It’s your own decision, but choose wisely!

Academy for the Gifted || Can you fly? Shoot lasers from your eyes? Then this academy is made for you! Mutants, people with special gifts, they all get schooled here in order to have their power under control. The school is build on an isolated island in order to keep the regular humans safe and to prevent a war. Since mutants are born in the world as we know it, a couple of scouts get send to different countries in order to pick up these mutants and bring them to this island, where they learn how to handle their special gifts.
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World List
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