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 [open] The early bird gets the worm

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Anna van Houten


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PostSubject: [open] The early bird gets the worm   Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:08 pm

for shits and giggles.
Anna always enjoyed breakfast. She knew a lot of students were grumpy this early, frustrated by the slow moving stream of mutants trying to get their hands – or paws – on the last croissant. Of course there never was a last croissant: the cooks used their powers to bake more than there were students. Or at least, that’s how Anna imagined it. She had never had the urge to sneak into the kitchen. If she’d have permission, of course she wouldn’t turn down a visit, but until then she would just enjoy her meals and make small talk with the canteen lady.

Miraculously, there was still a table free, and while the brunette loved sitting with her friends, she also took the time to meet new people from time to time. Swiftly she claimed the empty table by placing her food tray on it. Het bum got planted on one of the seats and with an excited look in her eyes she awaited who would be sitting with her today. Wether it would be the school’s biggest grump or someone more bubbly like herself: she would love it nonetheless.

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[open] The early bird gets the worm
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