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 I'm Lovin' It [+Chiyo]

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Clementine Federici


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PostSubject: I'm Lovin' It [+Chiyo]   Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:43 pm

I've become the animal waiting in the dark
It was so. Bloody. Cold. Why was it so cold? Clementine held her arms close to her body, shivering slightly every five or ten seconds. Sometimes she would calm down for just a minute, but the cold weather made it impossible to feel alright without a fire mutation. Oh how she wished she had one right now. She may have been an animal, for the most part, but she missed the thick fur that happened to keep real animals warm during the cold. Yes, she had ears and a tail, but that wasn’t nearly enough. Muttering several Italian curses to herself, Clementine quickly walked towards her dorm room. Halfway there she already started fumbling to find her keys in her pocket, wishing she could just barge into the room and dive under her own, thick blanket. Maybe Chiyo was there. She could keep her warm, right?

Managing to get a hold of her keys after almost dropping them onto the cold floor several times, Clem swiftly opened the door and almost ran inside. She completely forgot about her roommate and slammed the door shut, suddenly pissed at her own mutation for not being helpful as always. “Who the hell invented the cold?” she half yelled, half spit at no one in particular. “An asshole, that’s who!” Clearly not anticipating an answer, she gave one herself. Clementine spun on her heels, wanting to do nothing else other then jumping onto her bed and wrapping herself into the warmth of her blanket. She stopped mid-action, almost stumbling to the floor. “Oh,” she breathed. “Sorry about that.” One last shiver ran down her spine, though she wondered if it was for the same reason as before.
283 words // Chiyo // le otp <3


Once danced a jester for her king
You say love but I don't feel a thing
Space grows, as far as I can see
I'm the animal, you're the enemy
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PostSubject: Re: I'm Lovin' It [+Chiyo]   Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:14 am

Chiyo was laying on her bed reading in one of her books that she owned. Because she had a lot of books in her property. Maybe it also become time to get a new bookshelf in her room. So she can finally buy new books, not there is something wrong with books reading over and over again. But it is also nice to read new story’s and think about other worlds. But she couldn’t read long, because before she knew it she heart someone at the door. Someone that try’s to get the keys in the door. It would probably be Clementine her cute girlfriend, because who else would it be right. She doesn’t try to look excited and try to act that she was still reading. While the blondine came inside and slammed the door. Well there goes her plan, because she got the biggest jumpscare that she could have probably. She almost faill of her bed, because the noise was so loud and she really didn’t expected. Her roommate started complaining about the cold and that the person who invented was an asshole. It was true the cold was coming back, because sumer was over for now. “Don’t say sorry,” Chiyo respondend to the girl while she lay her book away. She stood op and grabbed her blanket from bed, and wrapped around her girlfriend while she gave her a hug. “Just warm up from now and relaxe. After that I would bring you hot choclate alright?” she told her and tryed to make eye contact, while she is smiling at her.

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I'm Lovin' It [+Chiyo]
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