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 Chiyo Matsushita

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PostSubject: Chiyo Matsushita   Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:06 pm

Name Chiyo Matsushita
Age 20
Place of BirthGangnam, South-Korea
Chiyo has a calm and friendly personality. She takes her time to help people when they need it. The reason why she is that calm, is because she can read other’s minds. It can’t be difficult sometimes, because not everyone always has positive thoughts. She is also happy and tries to stay positive in life. Also she doesn’t like to show her weaknesses to other people, that’s why she won’t tell others quickly if there is something wrong with her. Chiyo is also a big dreamer, the chance is big if she is staring at something, that she is just dreaming about something.
Chiyo is 1,60 meters long and has half long brown hair, with brown eyes. She dresses like a casual girl and also has a good taste in her clothings. Example given; she wears a skinny jeans with a nice top and a blouse, or she wears a pretty skirt or dress.
Mind reading: She can read thoughts of other people. Most of the time she can handle the thougts, but when she is stressed or tired it can become too much for her. And then she really has to go to a quite room to recover and maybe to go sleep. But most of the time she can ignore the thougts or others or just focus on the thougts of one person.
Chiyo moved to a special island, where mutant people lived, when she was eighteen. She also can go to school there and meet other people with the same problems. Before she went to the island, she lived with her mom in South Korea. Her mother worked really hard in a beef restaurant, where Chiyo could be found when she was done with school. She helped her mom a lot to keep it running. The day she recognized she could read minds her life went upside down. It took a long time before she told her mother about it. The moment she told her, she knew there was an island with people like her. And the study that she did there she could keep doing over there.

When she came on school two years ago she first met a really sweet guy. Before she met this pretty blonde girl that became her roommate. In the beginning was hard to win her trust and make more friends on school. But after a while it went great and it became even better. Clementine even helped her with her mutation, to get it beter under control. Through the months of knowing her room mate better and better, she knew she had a crush on her. But she didn’t really know how to tell the blonde that she also liked her. Luckily one day she was reading a book about a couple, that really looked like those two silly girls. So she let the blonde read a little bit of the story and recognised that she showed it. That moment she knew and she was so glad that they both finally could reveald their love to each other.

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Chiyo Matsushita
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