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 Fion Lane

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PostSubject: Fion Lane   Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:47 am

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Name: Fiona Lane
Appearance: Normal at first, but when mad changes hair color and real power shines through. (Like storm from XMen)
Gender: Female
Other Names: Fi, Fion
Title: Fallen angel
Theme Song:  Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy

    Personal Characteristics

Birth Date: 24-3-1905
Birth Place: Caribbean sea
Hometown: Home is where the heart is.

Primary Objective: Make the world a better place because she has seen enough of the bad intensions of humans.
Secondary Objectives: Behind the hard outside of this sweet person she wants to find a person that can be with her for the rest of her life (that can be a while).

Desires: Having a life partner.
Secrets: Scared of the dark and scared to be alone.
Quirks: Has a weird laugh and will always be the first to f*ck up (even though she is really smart).

    Mental Characteristics

Known Languages: English, Dutch and Spanish.
Lures: Real friends, food and art. 
Savvies: Drawing and arts.
Ineptities: Rudeness, unkindness and betrayal.
Temperament: Can have a temper when provoked with the above, but else calm and well behaved.
Hobbies: Drawing, painting and creative sculpting.

    Spiritual Characteristics

Religion:  Atheïsm
Superstitions: Believes that there is nothing more.
Vices: Gluttony

    Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: When in rage: Super strength and wings will unfold out of her back (demon like).
Element: Fire
Strengths: When friends are in danger she gets extra strong.
Weaknesses: Water and a lover taken away from her.
Restrictions: Other more godlike powers can defeat her or maybe be a tie.

    Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Cuddles, hugs, food and a quiet place to draw.
Dislikes: Humans, war, fights and making wrong decisions.


Equipment: Pencils and paper, snacks, medic kit, guns and headphones.
Wardrobe: Most of the time casual hoodie with jeans. If in a good mood then dresses like a prince/princess.

    Social Characteristics

Emotional Stability: If the right buttons are pushed she will freak the f*ck out. But most of the time she can put her headphones on on time.
Humor: Silly sh*t, burps, farts and others' pain can be laughed at.
Reputation: Insecure, but knows how to 'act' to make friends and to maintain them.
Status: Socially skilled. Can make real friends, but there are few to find.

    School and Work

Degrees: Taught herself everything she knows, but wants to learn even more. (Thats why she is going to the academy for the gifted).
Education: Autodidact
School:  Academy for the gifted.
Study Habits: Is easily distracted.
Learning Type: Is quite eager to learn.

Occupation: Drawing/creative things.
Boss: If they are pure and honest people, she will take orders from them.

    Physical Characteristics

Height: 173cm
Weight: 65 kg
Nationality/Species: From the beyond.
Skin/Fur Color: White as snow.
Hair Color: Redhead
Hair Length: Hip height
Eye Color: Blue and brown.
Wing Length: Car length wings
Wing Color: One wing is white with light blue and the other is black with red-ish tones.
Scars: On the black red wing there is a scar.
Tattoos and Piercings: Ears are pierced. Every ear 4 piercings.

    Health and Fitness

Addictions: Good food. Will do anything for it.
Handicaps: Her wings rip her top/hoodie/shirt every time she unfolds her them. So she always carries and extra hoodie/shirt.

    Sexual Characteristics

Gender: Gender fluid.
Orientation: Does not care about gender. Wants a good person.
Significant Other: Looking for personalty.


Anima: All out. Does not care about anything and will tell you everything. Very Happy
Persona: Puts on her headphones and will be calm (hides in the shadows).


Infancy: Simply adopted by a lonely widow near the beach. Still trying to hide her wings and did not want to wear dresses.
Childhood: Bullied a lot and was always laughed at because of her wings.
Adolescence: Hated the world, but wanted to better it. The lonely search for a life partner has begun around here.
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Fion Lane
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