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 Clementine Federici

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Clementine Federici


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PostSubject: Clementine Federici    Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:25 pm

I've become the animal waiting in the dark
Name: Clementine Federici
Nickname: Clem
Alias: Beauty
Age: 20 years
Date of birth: 10-05-1995
Zodiac: Taurus
Place of birth: Pescara, Italy


  • Mother || Alice Federici
  • Father || Paolo Federici

Appearance: Clementine has blonde hair, that reaches just about her shoulder blades, and bright, blue eyes. This makes her stand out on its own already, but Clementine suffers physically thanks to her mutation. Atop her head are resting two fluffy ears, coloured just like her hair, but screaming for attention nonetheless. It’s not just the ears that made her a freak amongst her human classmates, however – she has a long, fluffy tail as well, managing to hide it in her pants most of the time. To conceal her ears, she usually wears a hat of some kind, varying between a beanie and a Coogan cap most of the time. Despite being an outsider and a freak most of her life, Clementine loves to dress to impress and wears clothes matching the season as well as the new trends. She also enjoys stealing Chiyo’s clothes, but that probably has a different reason.

Personality: Just like a great amount of mutants, Clementine is an introvert. She enjoys her company on her own and has a tendency to ‘hide’ in between classes. It’s not because she hates the world, however – despite claiming that more often than not – she doesn’t trust many humans and mutants. Thanks to Chiyo she comes out of her shell more often, but Clem claims you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and therefore she usually remains quiet and on the sidelines. It’s what she prefers. Still, when engaged in classes or on the grounds surrounding the school, she makes a great conversational partner and jokes around more often than she used to.
Clementine will avoid you when she feels you’re up to no good. Thanks to her special abilities she can easily defend herself by choosing to stay away from you instead of building up a wall. Chiyo destroyed it years ago and taught her to open up. Clem takes more advantage of her mutation nowadays, isolating herself whenever necessary, but otherwise quite chatty.

• Animals
• Singing/Music
• Hats
• Chiyo
• Gym class
• Rain
• Cars
• Most people
Themesong: Nothing Left To Hide – Hot Chelle Rae

Mutation/Special gift:
'Beast': Clementine is, bluntly said, half human half animal. No, she’s not a furry and if you claim she is, she will probably not bite your head off – because let’s face it, she’s too chicken to start a fight – but she will call you at least ten different names in Italian. Clem has an enhanced hearing ability, as well as enhanced smell and taste abilities, just like a dog. She can see in the dark like a cat and is very agile, even with her body type. Despite all that, she will very rarely land on ‘all fours’ when falling, and when she sees a certain round object or some kind of laser light, she will get distracted. Clementine has a lot of aspects many animals have, especially when it comes to animal instinct. Visual aspects are the fluffy ears on top of her head and a fluffy tail trying to free its way out of her pants.

Alice and Paolo met each other by accident. It was a very cliché meeting; bumping into each other and inviting the other for a cup of coffee to make it all up. Alice resided in Italy to enjoy a vacation for two weeks, but never returned to England after that meeting. Or, rather, not for good. Your typical love story bloomed into marriage and, eventually, into pregnancy. Clementine was very welcomed into the family, the Federici’s thinking they’d have a normal daughter, living in a normal house and leading a normal life. No one other than their daughter herself took all of that away from them, because she wasn’t a normal child; she was a mutant. Alice and Paolo were forced to accept this fact – a normal life wasn’t their life and a normal child was just a mere dream by now. But they took responsibility, despite the initial shock, and decided to take care of their daughter.

Clementine’s ears and tail were a big problem since day one. Even though they were smaller back then than they are now, it was still difficult to hide them. The little girl started wearing a hat outside and wasn’t allowed to wear skirts at all because of her tail. Her parents thought it odd and couldn’t really love everything about her, so little Clem grew up without the real love of her parents. They did love her, but they hardly ever showed it. Clementine always thought this was how it was until she went to school, where parents said their goodbyes and kissed their children openly, whereas she got dropped off at the gates and was left behind.
It didn’t take long before her freaky attributes got revealed. She instantly gained a few bullies and spent most of her time alone in whatever corner she could find, far away from these filthy creatures who called themselves the most loving on the planet. Elementary was downright hell, but middle and high school were even worse. Clementine had tried to start over, tried to hide her weird secrets, but it was all in vain. During her first gym class the secret was spilled, and it all started over again. The blonde immediately hated gym class and started to develop some kind of hatred for humankind as well.

The older she became, the more she started to lock herself up in her room and the higher the brick wall surrounding her became. Her parents didn’t show interest any longer, so why did she have to sit in the living room? Pets weren’t at home either, except for maybe herself, because the house was almost always empty instead of vacant. The Federici’s worked long days and Clementine usually left the house to spend her time on the streets. Why? Because that was where her true friends lived. No human beings. No. Animals. Dogs and cats without a home, all of which welcomed Clementine into their lives. Whether or not this was because of her mutation remained a mystery, but she enjoyed the company and they enjoyed hers. She grew up surrounded by humans, but she lived surrounded by animals.
Clementine had finally accepted her fate and was happy with how the way things were now. But everything great had to end, and so did Clementine’s life on the streets. One day some typical stranger visited the Federici residence, claiming that Clem could be safe on some type of island. An academy lied there, a school where the blonde could learn how to handle her special gift. Clementine refused at first. She didn’t want to leave her friends here, but she had no choice. Her parents had agreed. If she had hated her parents before, she detested them by now. However, they told her to pack her stuff and off she went to a far away island, sealed away from humanity.

At first Clementine was angry. Furious. It didn’t take long before she realized this was even better. There were ‘freaks’ everywhere on the island, varying from her type of mutation to full aliens in looks. She didn’t feel at home, though, especially not when she was assigned roommates. There were three of them and they all enjoyed taking advantage of Clem’s mutation. At some point she decided enough was enough, but it was already too late. She lost fate in her fellow mutants too.
The blonde got assigned a new roommate and although she was very against the idea of having one, she managed to give the girl a chance. Her new roommate’s name was Chiyo and this was the girl who finally taught her how to open up to people. Two years went by and Clementine developed feelings for the little Asian girl. She kept quiet about it, not wanting to ruin their friendship, but when Chiyo asked her if they had a relationship because she was reading some kind of book, she panicked. Apparently the girl thought they were like the couple in said book. Clementine was at a loss for words, managed to stutter out they could be if Chiyo wanted, and got a hug from her friend when she needed to calm down. The blonde couldn’t take it anymore when animal instinct took over and gave a lick over her friend’s cheek, seconds later embarrassed by her behaviour. Luckily for her Chiyo felt the same way and, in order to keep her embarrassment at a low, Chiyo decided to lick her back to seal the deal.

And that’s how these weirdo’s got together, went on cute dates and got Clementine out more often.

• Because of her mutation she prefers animal companions over humanlike companions.
• Back in the day, and sometimes nowadays still, she got into trouble because of animal instinct. A perfect example is probably the times when she feels the urge to sit in tiny objects, like boxes or something cosy. Being stuck for an hour is probably her record time as of now.
• Just like a cat, Clementine sometimes moves like a hunter hunting their prey. Sometimes she scares people because of how quiet she walks around.
• The blonde sleeps in your lap when she trusts you. Rolled up like a cat. Chiyo often gets this type of company when she’s reading a book and the area surrounding them is quiet. Clem loves the heat Chiyo radiates.
• She’s a morning and evening type of person. Clementine doesn’t need a lot of sleep.
• Despite strolling around in the company of other mutants, she sometimes still hides the visual aspect of hers. This is done more out of habit, though.
1653 words // - // Character Sheet


Once danced a jester for her king
You say love but I don't feel a thing
Space grows, as far as I can see
I'm the animal, you're the enemy
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Clementine Federici
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