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 rpg guide

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PostSubject: rpg guide   Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:26 pm

rpg also named role playing game, is basically you being an character in a whole different world. Before you start rpg’ing you look in what for world you gonna play in, and then you gotta think about a character. It also can be switched that you first think about a character, and then search for a world where your character best fit in. After you did that you can make a topic in that world. If you gonna start to make one you can choice to just place a little story and that someone just respond on that. Or that you have agreed with someone else, that they are respond in that topic.

So in the case you agreed make a stroy with some the topic title can be :
“titel of story [titel of other charachter]”

For an open topic the topic title can be “Titel of story [open]”

An example of an start of a story
Chiyo waked up and looked how late it was, she saw it was pas morning. With a fast move she was sitting straight in her bed. Because she was to late for school, she jumped out bed and make her ready pretty quickly. And runned out her room.

So an other character can’t respond on it, because it’s an open ending. So you can do that she runned in to you, or that you jell at her because you had to dodge her.

It’s important that you write in the third person, and in history. Also it’s important that you can interact with each other in the story. So that it would be easy for others to respond. A short post is possible, but also a long one from 1000 words or more.
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rpg guide
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