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Here we can roleplay with other or upload our own stories
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PostSubject: Worlds   Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:39 pm

Worlds. We need them to work with and we need to grow with them. Your character can’t live and you can’t write without one. But this forum doesn’t focus on just one world. No, we decided it’d be best to get your gears working by letting you pick your own world of interest. It can be an existing one, like Pokémon or Avatar, but it can also be an original world you created with a group of friends. If you want to see a new world come to shape with your help, you can fill in the application here. One of us will then work on it and make sure they get their own spot on this list.

Now we’re not giving them away for free. We want to see interest of others as well. That’s why we need to see at least two names of roleplayers who want to roleplay in said world. You need two in order to roleplay after all. Once we see there are at least two people interested, along with a name and description of said world, it will be automatically accepted and added.
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