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Here we can roleplay with other or upload our own stories
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 Neverending Stories

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PostSubject: Neverending Stories   Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:25 pm

As you may have noticed you can write your own stories instead of roleplaying with others. These stories can be found and posted in this forum: Neverending Stories. Naturally, the RPG rules don’t apply here, but keep in mind the general rules still do! Don’t post a mature rated work of fiction without warning your readers. You never know who might come across them and we don’t want to scar people for life (no offense, just sayin’).

You’re allowed to do whatever you want with the thread of your story. If you want people to react on there, you can let them be, but if you want to keep things neat and clean you can also post a reaction thread with your story title in there. Reviews and other useful things can be pointed out to you when your story progresses. Please take these things to heart as it may improve your writing, but you’re allowed to defend your work of fiction. If you do, please keep in mind that we’re all here to improve, and we don’t need the drama. This goes for reviewers as well. Stay in line and we won’t have any problems.
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Neverending Stories
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